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Have I told you about the STUFs?

`We’re just receiving confirmation that all the Suck that has disappeared from my life has been smeared onto friends, which really isn’t fair. I fear for those who are out of the country. Or perhaps this is the best way … Continue reading

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Two for the Record

One:Friday morning, I awoke and sleepily let Maybel out as I normally do.I watched as the pig moseyed her way over to the barn, where a large mama deer happened to be standing in the morning fog.Instead of fleeing, the … Continue reading

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look what we did.

The landing is actually much bigger than it looks here. Please notice new subfloors and the extra space where the giant chimney used to be.And all the stuff we did under the floor (former chasm) that you can’t see. Please … Continue reading

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did you guys just hear that?

it’s the sound of our heater coming on for the first time in a month, amen. for those of you keeping track at home, this is the necessary formula for heat:two trips to Lowe’s ($45), one fun and dangerous gas … Continue reading

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apparently I’m speaking only in pictures now.*

it’s been about two months since I’ve had a tape measure hanging off my back ass pocket. as much as i hate hanging dry wall, it actually feels nice to be covered in dust. the exacto knife in my tool … Continue reading

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