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GPOYAS! Now with 100 percent more PINK!

We’re more than halfway through, folks. And we have all sorts of preggers milestones to report. Seth and I were busy all day Sunday wiring and installing trim upstairs. Mudding in a small closet, by the way, is made less … Continue reading

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It’s getting real, folks.

We had our 20-week ultrasound today. Here are the goods: Thirty-nine pounds with the ultrasound wand later … and we’ve got the money shot… *************spoiler alert!***************** (Oh, and we’re just going to have to believe the techies know what they’re … Continue reading

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El Tot Dos or La Tot Dos?

You won’t have to wait long to find out. I went for my 16- turned 17- turned (oops!) 18-week check-up today. They took some blood to check for Down Syndrome and some other stuff I forgot to pay attention to. … Continue reading

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Expand-O-Tron 5000

It’s GPOYAS! ..or at least, it was! I’m going to need to get some bigger clothes for these photo shoots.

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Another letter to T2

Here we are again. The night before the doctor’s appointment. In addition to my traditional request that you remain alive inside my womb, (I’m getting greedy now) I formally request that you do something really cute for the black-and-white-sound-wave camera … Continue reading

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Dear tot two:

I know you’re rounding out the last trimester with impressive strength and courage, but I need you to please REFRAIN from doing any kind of important developing today. No work on the brainstem or the arteries or anything. I am … Continue reading

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he said/she said:

Special ‘Big Dough’ Edition. she laments: eric said i looked like i was getting a ‘ponch’ today. he said: really? what i noticed most about that outfit are your super-white legs. she said: i know, right? he said: you’re pasty … Continue reading

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we have a tentatively live baby, I think

I have never been 15 minutes early to a doctor’s appointment in my life. That’s how excited we were. Today is the day known in some social circles as First Ultrasound Day. The day we would find out if our … Continue reading

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lemme hear your body talk

i love my doctor. the people who surround her are frustrating at times, but the moments i have her all to myself are always encouraging. she’s a perky little blond who does a great job of making me believe that … Continue reading

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praise jesus. i feel like crap!

praise jesus. i feel like dying. so, i don’t mean to compare Tot Two to well, you know, but there have been some encouraging signs already this round, including nighttime nausea and mandatory bedtimes of pre-11 p.m.! seth has recently … Continue reading

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