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i remain unconvinced.

Katy, I’m not sure who that was. I’m mostly just excited that someone would take me seriously enough to get angry. Your little ol’ theteet is a pretty big deal now, I guess.  (transition needed.)  i can think of two moments in my life … Continue reading

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blood on the walls part deux

um, you people are vultures. a lot of hits on the ol’ blog today. a lot of ‘i’m going to put you on the prayer list but first tell me everything that happened’ phone calls. don’t worry. i would have … Continue reading

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i am behind schedule

There is a backlog of topics I’ve missed, so I think I’ll just stick with the present. Much progress has been made in Shitstorm 2007. Death, divorce, sudden divorce, break-up, bad break-up and devastating break-up have done a number on … Continue reading

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Have I told you about the STUFs?

`We’re just receiving confirmation that all the Suck that has disappeared from my life has been smeared onto friends, which really isn’t fair. I fear for those who are out of the country. Or perhaps this is the best way … Continue reading

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ok, i call it. no more emotion until 2010.especially sadness and/or extreme relief. those are right out. the verdict on attending the calling hours and funeral for an 88-year-old patriarch?i suppose it was tougher than i originally planned. especially the … Continue reading

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married with middle management.

oh my god. i think i’m starting to have a normal life. a r-o-u-t-i-n-e. at work early and home to Bangs three of three nights this week … no late meetings … meats on the grill … a little weeding … Continue reading

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gramps. in a few sentences. because i am tired.

Monday grandpa passed out in the yard. 100-percent Reliable Fayette Memorial sent him home with a candy bar and told him to rest up. Earlier today his legs went numb and the ambulance took him to the hospital. They did … Continue reading

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and you thought you were a f*ck-up

Do you guys remember how I didn’t pay taxes last year? I got confused about being married and ended up claiming Seth as a dependent for the entire year of 2005. After owing Uncle Sam, like, $500 last year, I … Continue reading

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weekend update.

On Sunday, Seth dropped a giant 2X10X14 floor joist on my knee cap. as far as permanent damage is concerned, nothing really happened, but moments after the blow, I almost passed out. It wasn’t too terribly painful or anything, but … Continue reading

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why i am the best wife ever:

i’ll wait until you stop laughing before i continue. ok. exhibits a and b: sometimes when we get bored painting and falling through ancient floorboards, we tear down walls. i know i explained we would be working on the new … Continue reading

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