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bobcats representin’

oh, lawd. what will be the title of his first course? From the Big D’s James Nash, who seems like he has a playful sense of humor: Ex-Dann exec goes back to school After his ill-fated stint as former Attorney … Continue reading

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in the next 35 days

there is nothing i can say here that would be helpful to anyone.

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i’m sorry

one more. one more. one more. and i’ll quit. i swear. i’m sorry. TEN POINTS to the Mount Vernon News’s own Mark P. Jourdan, who likely is collecting large sums of money from a reporter’s pool for slipping “a bewitching, … Continue reading

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They like us.

They really, really like us.   NAA ANALYSIS OF NEW GOOGLE RESEARCH FINDS NEWSPAPER ADVERTISING DRIVES ONLINE TRAFFIC, CONSUMER PURCHASING Research shows newspapers + Internet = more consumer purchasing power; Ads that appear in both mediums reinforce consumer confidence in … Continue reading

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they should be called Drippy Hands Wiped on Pants

i am an hour or so behind deadline, but this is of utmost importance.  we have two machines in the ladies’ room at work. they are both called Paper Towel Dispensers, which is ironic, because that is the one thing … Continue reading

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this looks totally nothing like us

As captured by the pencil blog, we see Jen Noblit’s impression of Seth Teter’s impression of print journalists:   As the legend goes, in the year 2006, a group of journalists were gathered at a quaint home in Clintonville chatting … Continue reading

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I think we’re just going to have to be secretly in love with each other and leave it at that

(cue musical score: Final Countdown) I left a room full of reporters typing feverishly after 1 a.m. last night. Mass emails led me to believe that there were reporters and ediporters working after 3 a.m. As for me, I simply don’t … Continue reading

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“Do you have a photo of your slain professor?” says reporter. “What?” says communications person for the university. ” … I was in Norris Hall. I just got my computer back today. I’m in a temporary office. I don’t even … Continue reading

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