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here comes belly: 2010 remix

I wanted to wait until I looked a little less homeless, but I had a camera in my hand and as I was walking by, I noticed there was a mirror. I feared if I tried to wait until I … Continue reading

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GPOYAS: Run for your lives!

There are still 23 days until our due date, but in two days, this baby will fully cooked. That is insane to me. Things are officially pretty crowded in here. It hurts to just kind of sit around. It feels … Continue reading

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GPOYAS news for Steve Weeks

Hey, Steve. I am a little more than 34 weeks pregnant. I basically wear this same T-shirt every day.

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In a world without GPOYAS

Because I’ve been slacking on the Gratuitous Picture of Your Abdomen Sunday, I honestly have no idea how many weeks pregnant I am right now. This frightens me. If I don’t blog, life doesn’t happen. This is a list of … Continue reading

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GPOYAS: Boobs and bowels edition

Thus far in Baby Tot’s gestation, the only thing different about my bowels was the frequency with which people asked about them. How are your bowels moving? They all ask. Have you been constipated? I managed to avoid what apparently … Continue reading

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Gratuitous Picture of You Abdomen … Tuesday?!

GPOYAS¬†has been hijacked by GPOYAT. It seems I forgot to document the precise moment the preggers gauge flipped over to 29 weeks. How will the Internet respond?! For the sake of those who spend their hours with me, I need … Continue reading

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GPOYAS!: Where are my ovaries?

As my stomach expands, I get nervous about keeping track of my parts. I understand that my abdominal muscles are stretching out around the outside of my belly. That’s a little weird when I flex, but at least I KNOW … Continue reading

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GPOYAS: You decide which photo is most flattering!

We’re at 25 weeks. That’s a lot of weeks. Baby is growing strong and kicking in weird and new places every day! She now has control over the majority of the abdomen area and has claimed it as her own. … Continue reading

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GPOYAS: I feel taut.

I always wondered what it would feel like to have one body, and then Expand-O-Tron in a series of weeks. Like, your stomach is one thing one month, and then a completely different thing the next month. What’s that feel … Continue reading

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GPOYAS! Now with 100 percent more PINK!

We’re more than halfway through, folks. And we have all sorts of preggers milestones to report. Seth and I were busy all day Sunday wiring and installing trim upstairs. Mudding in a small closet, by the way, is made less … Continue reading

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