Hey homies

We were so stupid then. I miss that.

I’ve had like five or six glasses of wine and I’m listening to Coldplay, so. You know. I know this makes me uncool.

I have a news update: College.

Do you know that college was like a decade ago?

Where are you? How have you been?

Tonight I am longing for a relationship like the one I had with you in college: A time when all we had on our agenda was to form relationships with people of the same age and race and socioeconomic background and interests. Back when we could daydream about our future instead of daily grinding it out.

Mae, Colleen, Talya, Chris, Emily, Jess, Sarah, Meggan, Bryony.

How are you guys? What are you doing?

I have not been really CLOSE with anyone since you. When it comes to friendships at least.

I have dear friends and acquaintances now, but we don’t sit hours in coffee shops talking, discovering new, increasingly naïve layers of ourselves by 2, 3, or 4 a.m. We don’t have a waitress who knows us by name. We don’t hike up to the top of the mountain. We don’t sit on the roof smoking cigarettes until the sun comes up.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it has been so long since I’ve had FRIENDS. You’ve probably collected a whole host of them by now. Maybe you’ve forgotten our time together.

It’s just that I’ve just been so busy and FRIENDS take so long and they are so weird.

I’ve been thinking of venturing down that path again. A path with friends. I think it is because I quit my job, the job I was learning when I knew you, and I live in the country fulltime now and there is a tendency to FEEL the silence instead of comfortably enjoying it.

Jack Hanna, the governor. Nobody calls anymore, so I am restless.

I am going to find some people, but.

I don’t think it will ever be like it was, will it?

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  • Mae

    Well…you sure know how to turn on the waterworks, don’tcha? I’ve been feeling a lot of this lately, too, but (as usual) you say everything everyone else is thinking in pieces and make it all make sense. And, for that, I have an unending crush on you.

    I have all these same questions and the one looming other one: How in the HELL do you keep precious friends who are further than 10 minutes away? I don’t have the slightest clue how to maintain the most important friendships to me when there’s almost nothing familiar in the conversation, except for what we both USED to have in common. And I have the sinking feeling that a friendship based on reminiscing isn’t worth a crap. That’s all followed really swiftly by extreme guilt because I don’t have a) babies b) goats c) ANYTHING that has to be milked daily d) anything that practically even needs to be watered, for crying out loud. I do have a) gas money b) Saturdays off and c) a growing desire to see you and all of your all of the aboves. So what’s keeping me from knowing the route to Bangs by heart?

    • http://andshebangs.com lyndseyteter@gmail.com

      I love you. Milking, lactating … it ties me down to this corner of the world. I want you to come tell me what adventures you have been into!! I am so so so so sorry that my kids will interrupt us.