Pantry Roll Call!

Tomato sauce: 3 pints

Stewed tomatoes: (Awkward silence)

Green beans: 3 pints

Peaches: …

Strawberry preserves: 3 half pints

Bruschetta: 3 pints

Apple butter, assorted jams: 6 pints

We didn’t take a photo this year, but we had almost twice this much foooooood because we canned every weekend in August.

double this is not nearly enough

My mom and I put up a couple truckloads of produce, but apparently, this is not enough.

The only thing that has survived our pillaging is the corn, which is stored in our deep freezers and therefore out of eyesight. I stopped counting around 10 quarts of corn. Anybody have any good sweet corn recipes, other than heat & devour, of course?

Better mark off August AND September for Canstravaganza 2012!

Ever since we got married, all he does is EAT!

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  • Anne Evans

    I love using corn inside all kinds of stuff, like homemade mac & Cheese and enchiladas. :)