The Simpleton Life

Seth and I were trying to sort out the meaning of life the other day, and my brain came grinding to a halt.

My adult-oriented neurons (sexy, huh?) are not fired as regularly as when I was working full time in a Job of Utmost Importance.

Now, as a mom/milkmaid, I feel I am wasting half of my brain. If Seth were to ask how many ounces of formula Eleanor needs, or if he wanted to know the last time Molly pooped on the potty, I’d be able to fire that information at him instantly.

But when we’re talking about ecology and reductionism and holism … the old gears start to slip.

Is this normal?

How do you keep your mind sharp when you spend 10 hours per day alone with people who can barely form a proper sentence? Tips?

Is the answer in DVRing Jersey Shore to watch while you fold the laundry?

If so, I’m halfway there.

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  • Bckbarnard65

    I’ve lost words…maybe thousands of them since having children.  Seriously, my vocabulary has been drastically reduced and worse yet, my interest in things that would stimute proper brain functioning has disappeared as well.  I’m hoping that all the coffee I drink will take me back to grad school days and one day I’ll be smart again…or is it smarter?  

  • Lornmullenix

    Go with it and have FUN!  There are lots worse things than spitup and piles of laundry.  Trust me on this.  Next thing you know, they are 25 years old.  Besides, now is a very good time to numb down the culture clamour- who really gives a reductionists short list anyway.

  • Amanda Yost Hickey

    Let me know when you find the answer. I’m still looking for it.