Eleanor Marie Teter is 10 months old

Naked Baby Shot. It's a thing Teters do.

If you were to read the timeline of Eleanor’s life, it would go something like this:

Happy Baby. Happy Baby. Smiling Baby. Laughing baby. Happy Baby. BOOM.

Ten months and apparently she’s flipped a switch. If you’ve ever watched a baby grow,  the first year development happens in leaps. Everything will be fine one day — they’ll be carrying on with their baby selves, pooping and laughing and eating and then BAM. It’s skill development time, y’all!

Eleanor has been a little wallflower, which has its perks. I feel she knows more about life than the rest of us. But in the last 7 days she has dropped her role of Baby Laughter Background Noise Provider and she is starting to become a real person. LOOKIT HER!

She takes toys from her big sisters. She stands up. She has top and bottom teeth upon which to devour steak or bacon. She says, “Mama!” when she wants something. She CLIMBS STAIRS. She EFFING climbs stairs now. Like PEOPLE do.

Two people standing

Le sigh.

Eleanor has not really changed her looks dramatically like Molly did in her first year. As a result, I did not see this advancement coming and assumed I would possess a snuggly, cuddly infant indefinitely. These recent developments, paired with the fact that I am assembling Ellie’s 1-year 400-image photobook means that I have become an emotional wreck.

I blame this on Eleanor and is it a result of her personhood.

Eleanor, before she was a person

How dare she take the calories I give her and use them to grow.

Doesn’t she know how precious these moments are?

Doesn’t she know how she panics me with each pound she packs on that tiny frame? With each coordination of hand to hammer to wooden tool bench?

Ugh. The nerve of this child.

I think I’ll stop feeding her to prevent this feeling from coming up on me in the future.

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