It is almost time.

I am sad to be leaving my professional empire behind, but I am very excited to start my new life. As Michael Daniels once said, I look forward to exiting the rat race for the simplicity of 18 hour work days. Amen, father Michael.

Since moving to Bangs, our life has been so spread out – work in Columbus, sleep in Mount Vernon, church and our Padulas 20 minutes north of our home. I am looking forward to never driving anywhere ever again. I’m looking forward to making these 10 acres my world. And although I know there will be days that I will be clawing to get out, from where I’m standing now … I wouldn’t mind if I never stepped off this property again.

Rein it in, baby! With reins.

My new boss. Do you think she allows texting at work?

None of it could be possible without this little girl. Her parents might have helped, too. ;)

The Zimmermans were kind enough to let me borrow their daughter for a few hours during the week. I know how much of sacrifice it is to fork over a large chunk of paycheck for childcare, and soon, I will better understand what I put the Padulas through. HA! I am thankful to Jesus that the Zs were willing to take a chance on me. These two girls have basically been together since birth, and I CANNOT WAIT to hear Molly talk at her all day every day.

OMG — We are going to have so much fun!

Not to mention that her tiny little hands will be PERFECT for milking chores!

Here are a few things I am excited to do:

  • Get livestock pregnant
  • Move up to Intermediate Cheesemaking
  •  Build a milk house
  •  Acquire a Jersey bull calf or two next spring
  •  Buy a second deep freezer and fill it with meat, milk, eggs, berries and produce.
  •  Make it from scratch. Everything. From here on out. No excuses
  •  Convince Seth to get draft horses and approximately 500 more acres to farm
  •  Write a few books
  •  Fill Bangs, Ohio with goats and children. Maybe some boys for once
  • Get a minivan
  • Talk to Jesus
  • Listen for Jesus
  • Find my soul
  • Help this plot of land get its soul back
  • Bury all dead animals according to Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board requirements
  • Try to keep animals alive until slaughtering day
  • Teach Molly and Alivia to use a toilet
  • Blog
  • Facebook status message updates
  • Bees


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  • Moldtrax

    I think you have found home.  God bless ya, kid!

  • christy teter

    You go super woman!  But remember, somedays (most days) being a mom is enough.


      yeah, christy, as i was writing this, i was thinking “Wow. It’s so fun to be naive about how much I can accomplish!”

  • Meganmhorn

    Oh man, can I quit my job at my local alt weekly paper and do this too? Oh wait…

  • Julie Z.

    Texting, Napping (if you can), and never cleaning your house… are all allowed! ha.
    We are so excited to start this new journey with you as well.

  • Rebeccapadula

    I think I’m coming down and camping out in your back yard once and awhile. You’re gonna need my help. ;)

  • Heather Walker

    Lyndsey, definitely write some books!  Your facebook posts alone crack me up.   And you’re right: any Mom with screaming little ones greatly appreciates a laugh.  I’m happy you get to stay at home with your babies. 

  • Mamafroggy1

    can we have cheese making dates? and you can pepper me with your wit and humor. and i can laugh. we can make my 12 year old babysit. ;-)


      YES please!!

  • Sarah Lozecki

    I love the list!