Eleanor Marie Teter is already happening

Eleanor is four months old. Technically, this is the time she is supposed to start eating solid foods and sleeping in her own room. She is ready. Her mother is not.

It’s just that she is growing roughly 64 percent faster than Molly (I mean literally—she already weighs 14 lbs. 5 oz.) and it’s just that I am more comfortable with her as my little lifeless blob of cute in the sling or laying on my chest or drooling peacefully in her swing.


Our little baby is rolling over, laughing, grabbing rattles and packing on the pounds. She is 50th percentile for everything but her giant coconut head. Which is full of brains, I’m sure. She had a head larger than three-quarters of all other babies on Friday.

Gawd, it’s hard to be such a cliché, but I’m serious. Second babies grow exponentially.
The things I want to remember about Baby Ellie, for the record:

  1.  She eats. My word—Is that a relief or what? Of course, Molly had to navigate around a tumor. But Ellie came to eat. Within the first few minutes of life outside the womb she was rootin’ for a meal. The girl ALWAYS has a nipple in her mouth.
  2. She does NOT spit up. Unlike her older sister, I can hand Eleanor to the kindly folks at church without six blankets and a disclaimer that she WILL ruin your black outfit.
  3. She smiles. She is the smiliest baby who ever smiled. All you have to do is THINK about casting your eye in her direction, and she lets off the biggest, sloppiest grin you’ll ever see. She thinks you are hilarious. She and Molly already have inside jokes.
  4. She looks exactly like Aunt Jemima when she is wearing a bandana.
  5. She is very handsy. Molly never so much as shrugged at a rattle, but Eleanor grabs at life like she is serious about it.
  6. She allows Mommy to put her in the swing. Thank God. A kid who FINALLY permits abandonment!
  7. She poops every other day. And when she goes, everyone in the room knows about it. No one has ever said, “Oh, I THINK she might be pooping.” This is why we call her Smelleanor.
  8. She leaks. She doesn’t drool. She just sort of leaks. You’ll have to see it to know what I’m saying.
  9. Please remember when she found her tongue.
  10. I know you’re supposed to put them to sleep in their backs, but this is futile. And anyway, who doesn’t like a nice tummy sprawl nap?

Today she and Molly were staring at each other and cracking up. I thought it was so precious until, after a few moments, I realized they were probably planning my demise. Pretty soon they’ll be tattling on each other for this kind of thing.


I cannot believe that I have a four-month-old baby.

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  • Ssaksaka

    I enjoyed this….Aliya had (has) a giant noggin too!  I can’t believe you have two babies!  You wear mom well. :)