Housewarming party

Internet Jesus.

Thank God Matt Naugle set up this WordPress blog for me. Long story short, I missed a deadline (there’s a shocker!) and a hop, skip and a jump later and suddenly: I’ve lost my empire at

At first I was an emotional wreck. I mean, I had built an empire at for several pairs of years. Or maybe one pair. I forget. Either way, since that weird (Chinese?)  bodybuilding site took over, tens of fans were left to wander the desert. Luckily for these chosen people, the promised land cometh much sooner than 40 years! And nobody has to eat nasty Manna.

Naugle, henceforth known as Internet Jesus, happened to be in the right place at the right time (I think it was GChat or something) and he heard my complaints, asked for all my passwords, and had this set up in I think about 8 minutes.

He even Ctrl-Ved a coupon code into an email so I could take advantage of cost savings. Plus, with auto-renew, I’ll never lose my blog empire again. While Naugle’s critics, after hearing this story, immediately start Googling recipes for crow, I’d like to thank Naugle for rescuing my online diary and all my life secrets. That guy has a heart of gold.

Having purchased my new domain, (can you believe they wanted $2,000 for I thought I might wait a few weeks to “launch” I wanted to come up with a really great post that would really knock everybody’s socks off. I was thinking about leading off with the fact that I probably have Lyme disease … or maybe I could write a post about the time that my pigs got busted by the Knox County Sheriff. But then I remembered that a good blogger exercises quantity instead of quality.

That’s why I vow to post here every day until my 29th birthday, so all who are weary, all who are weak and thirsty, all who are lovers of babies and goats and haters of Ben Marrison … I’m not going to quit posting until you have been rounded up and led to safety here in the arms of The Teet here at

It’s a much nicer neighborhood, dontchathink?

Now. Does anybody know how to use

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