The dirty life

One of Knox County’s worst gravel roads took me home from the feed mill the other day. I found a break in the rain where could help load a ton of chicken and hog feed in the back of the pick-up. I watched them ground the corn that had been delivered from the fields around my house — including the farmer who delivers his corn one tiny grain cart at a time, several times per day during harvest. They put it into bags and we loaded it up and I took it home. You have to stomp on the gas three  times before the truck will start. She requires a bit of “feathering” on the drive home if you’d like to avoid stalling.

Anyway I’m pretty sure it was the sexiest thing I have ever done in my life. I probably lost a few points when I buried the truck in our muddy yard 40 seconds later and I had to call AAA for a wench.


I stab things with needles and burn things and herd things into their pens and milk things all of a sudden. Did anybody else see this coming or am I the only one who is surprised by us?

How am I supposed to go back to work tomorrow with a straight face?

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