March Madness

Two things about this video:

1.) I was feeding Miss Eleanor while filming, and
2.) Someone left the tag on that poor goat.

Every time we leave the house, we come home with another critter.


So far the count is up to: 59.5 mouths to feed
51 meat chickens
2.5 goats
1 bulldog
1 cat
2 children
2 adults

a BFing champ

Can I just tell you how much of a relief it is to have a baby who eats? I was reading old posts from Molly’s infancy, and reliving the terror of possessing an infant who is not gaining weight. Ugh. Drama.

So far Miss Eleanor is eating like a champ — she gained 2 ounces on her birthweight in the first week of her life — something Miss Molly took, like, a month to do. She also latched on to the ol’ boob within a few minutes of delivery — something that took, like, three weeks for Molly to do.

At her one week check-up she was 6-10 and 20 inches. She is in the 25th percentile for weight and the … get this! … the 60th for height. Have we produced a human-sized baby?! Stay tuned! Imagine the short jokes she could avoid …

I’m not saying that Ellie is superior or that I love her more, but I do love her like three percent more than Molly. I’m just kidding, guys. With Eleanor, things just have been much more relaxed. I don’t have a stress attack every two hours and I don’t have to freak out through every feeding. Apparently, I can use my Flipcam. I can blog. I can do dishes or whatever. We are so in our rhythm and she hasn’t been on the outside a week yet! Is that obnoxious? I’m sorry. It’s just a huge surprise. I’m a pessimist and was expecting the transition to be much more hectic. I’m sure it will get there when this little lump of joy starts moving around a little more.

I’m also pleasantly surprised about how much more quickly I bounced back with my second freshening. At this point last time, Seth was scraping me off the shower floor. I couldn’t even walk up the stairs. Now I’m carrying Molly up them with no problems. You really do get better at kidding. Just like goats!

The only problem is that I will never be able to go anywhere by myself ever again.

Mothers of two or more might remember those first few trips to the grocery store with two babies? That will never happen for me. If I have a carrier in one hand, how is Molly supposed to get inside the store? When I say,  “Follow Mommy,” she hears, “Wander in circles near the traffic and pick up something dangerous to eat.” I will need an assistant from now until the day these critters go to college.

Eleanor had a lot of firsts in her first week on Earth — she’s already been to a restaurant (Applebees. Welcome to the Midwest, little one.) and she’s been to her first livestock auction. I’m not sure how much of that she caught wrapped up in a blanket ball and snuggled to my bosom. But there will be additional livestock auctions, I’m sure. Did I mention that Seth had to go into work this week? So I had some “firsts” as well. Thank God everyone was exhausted and pretty much slept the entire time. And Team Baby provided the meals. Thank God for that. 

So Miss Eleanor has just folded herself into our world.

I love her. I think she is great.

Molly, on the other hand, is warming up to her. She’s uninterested most of the time, and the rest of the time she’s confused about why she doesn’t have 100 percent access to my lap. The few moments out of the day I’m NOT feeding Ellie, Molly puts her arms around me and clings to me as if she hasn’t seen me for a week. It breaks my heart into tiny fragments. She has “helped” me dress Ellie and change her as well. I’m hoping the gal who has been the center of attention will warm to the idea of sharing the spotlight. She’ll get there, I think.

 At one point this week I executed a double-decker diaper change with Molly in the pack-n-play bassinet and Ellie on the pack-n-play changing table.

I have two babies. That is fun.

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  • Anonymous

    Re: the grocery, I’m not sure what you mean by “carrier,” but the way I do two kids is to put the baby in the baby sling/wrap/carrier and put the older kid in the cart. Do you not do “carts” in KnoCo?

  • Kelly

    Re: the grocery, I’m not sure what you mean by “carrier,” but the way I handle two kids is to put the baby in a baby sling/wrap/carrier and put the older kid in the cart. Do you not do “carts” in KnoCo?

  • Jaydubs

    I’m so glad the transition is going smoothly! And wow, does Molly look like Steter in that pic or what? I love it.