Lil’Peckers 2011: The Revolution!


It’s too bad she thinks they are ducks, or rather, ‘DUCKS!’

We have decided to grow our favorite crock pot/grill fare a little slower this year. Normal meat birds (NOTE: If you are shopping in TSC and you want to sound cool, you say ‘broilers’) are bred to grow to butchering weight between 6 and 8 weeks.

In the past, we always have these hungry fellas out on pasture, which helps them get exercise and keeps them from developing health problems related to their rapid growth and insane appetites, but they still come with warnings like, “please take away their food for 12 hours per day or they probably COULD have a heart attack.”

In other words, they are very hungry all the time, so we’re trying something a little less intense.

“Normal” heavier breed chickens take about 17-20 weeks to reach adult size, and even then, they butcher at about 3-4 pounds. Our little guys are somewhere right in the middle. They take about 10-12 weeks of care before they are ready to visit the Pluck Poultry facilities on Cull Road. Plus, they are bred by the French and they are called Rainbow Rangers. Who can resist that?

12 weeks = a little longer to keeping them safe from the feral cats, the skunks, raccoons, hawks and weasels, but it’s a risk we’re willing to take to avoid the somewhat intense growing habits of the traditional meat birds.

We are raising a couple batches of these and plan to sell some from the farm again, so let me know if you want to reserve a couple. They arrived today, so they’ll be ready for dinner in … I dunno … June. 

So far, these are about the happiest chickens we’ve ever had. They arrived this morning and were chirping up a storm at the MV Post Office. There were no deaths over the shipping trip, which is a first for us, and they are already running around like wildmen during this, their first day on earth. Normally they take a day or so to adjust, but they must’ve had an easy trip. Or maybe, and I’m thinking this is the right answer, maybe these chickens are magic.

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