Got her goat

this is not my goat. but she looks a lot like this.

If all goes as planned, our dairy goat will arrive in Bangs on Thursday.

Her name is Rose, and we are going to be the best of friends. Rose is a Knox county resident who unexpectedly found herself pregnant with her second!  Sound familiar? We’ll both spend these last few miserable weeks together, waiting to welcome our immaculately conceived kids!

Rose the Goat is due at the end of April, so I will have a month on her, but her total gestation is 150 days and mine is … like, more than 300, so we’ll call it even.

Can you even believe that we’re starting the month of March with 5 mouths to feed, and we’ll end the month with 57. And that’s BEFORE Rose has her baby. Or babies. 

Kooky situations like this are usually the fault of Seth, but this time it was my idea.

For many years I have protested Seth’s desire to get a dairy cow, for fear that such a critter would require copious amounts of maintenance that would prevent us from ever leaving the house again. Plus, what is any self-respecting homesteading family expected to do with, like, six gallons of milk per day?!

For a couple of weeks I was really into the miniature cow idea, but the cost of this rare creature is prohibitive.

Then I learned of an animal that both provides dairy AND happily consumes all the poison ivy and weeds that comprise our ten acres on earth! We realized one day that we’re paying mortgage and taxes for land that sits vacant, and that’s just not the way god intended. Enter: GOATS!

Why am I so excited about goats? I have no idea.

But I cannot stop reading and thinking about them.

Maybe it’s because I’m on the verge of freshening myself, but I can conjure no more pleasant thought than wrapping our newborn baby in a sling and heading out to milk mama goat on a crisp spring morning. You can do this twice per day and they can provide up to a gallon of milk–usually a couple quarts or less when they are feeding their own babies.

So the plan is to buy a goat who is pregnant, then she’ll give birth to either her companion or a very nice meat goat, depending on the sex. Maybe a couple of each. Here is a video of what that could look like. You need at least two goats because no one wants to see a lonely goat.

My sister is getting married June 4 and we’re due to kid ourselves here in March.

Seth was hesitant at first, but quickly became very supportive of the goat idea. I think he is excited that he’s not the one dragging the family down some insane path–for once. I started second-guessing our decision tonight when he encouraged me to go ahead and pull the trigger.

“Sometimes you’ve just gotta force yourself to live life,” he said.

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