No excuses!

I spent every childless November combing through the archives of, composing a Year in Review Masterpiece with a graphic design element and everything.

I wonder if I’ll do that this year.

Our Internet has been on and off for an entire month. It has something to do with our neighbor’s new culvert, a temporary line and the frozen tundra of Bangs. I should probably try to argue out of the bill. Until they dig a new line, we’ve been cut off from the outside world. This is good for the amount of book we’ve been able to read Molly. Bad for the ‘net surfin’

I guess there is really no point in sharing any of that. should be about RESULTS.

I’ll try to provide … Myself some online diary history, that is. You all can go to hell.

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  • Steve

    How is that diary coming along? Fingers crossed I get a mention.