Testing Ellie Marie Teter … Testing 1, 2, 3

There toward the end, I was very set on the name Molly Mae Teter.

Occasionally, Seth would suggest a variant and I would laugh at him like, “Oh, isn’t it cute how he thinks I would entertain any other name?”

Now the shoe is on the other fetus!

Seth has decided that our baby will be named Ellie Marie Teter. And he will not budge! Not an inch to the west, not an inch to the east! Even when confronted with amazing names like Macy or Audrey or Rose, he crosses his arms and shakes his head No.

Now don’t get me wrong — I think that Ellie is a perfectly good name on its own. It’s simple, cute, kinda hints at olden days and has a healthy dash of hillbilly. Perfect! If only we didn’t have a daughter named Molly. I used to think that Ellie sounds too much like Molly, and that it would be embarrassing to introduce our daughters, Molly and Ellie. ly ly ly. Lots of that sound. Might as well throw a Sally and a Lily in there.

Seth has waited very patiently as I have slowly warmed to the name. (And by warmed, I mean that he has brainwashed me beyond repair.)  He has remained committed to his pick, referring to the baby as Ellie as often as he can. He says it was the advice of co-workers and family who were in cahoots with him.

I believe they are victorious.

I was alone in the car two nights ago when the baby kicked my belly and I said, “Well, good evening, there, Ellie.”

I guess that might be our baby’s name, huh?

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  • Beth

    As an aside, I try not to ever agree with the husband, simply on principle. But I like Ellie. Although I’m a bit offended he never asked me to be in cahoots with him. Hmph. Still, even thought I’ve been slighted…. I still like the name.

  • Beth

    OOps. *though