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No excuses!

I spent every childless November combing through the archives of, composing a Year in Review Masterpiece with a graphic design element and everything. I wonder if I’ll do that this year. Our Internet has been on and off for … Continue reading

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Testing Ellie Marie Teter … Testing 1, 2, 3

There toward the end, I was very set on the name Molly Mae Teter. Occasionally, Seth would suggest a variant and I would laugh at him like, “Oh, isn’t it cute how he thinks I would entertain any other name?” … Continue reading

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My baby is gone

gross! the smashing of the cupcake at Molly Mae’s First Birthday. First-year check-up stats: 28 1/2 inches long 17 pounds, 4 oz. Check-ups are starting to be fun now, because the doctor makes Molly complete a series of tests. It’s … Continue reading

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