on writing and the death penalty

This morning as we walked into church, Our Rebecca (she is a great many things to us, so she is Ours) shared a hand-out of something titled ‘stewardship,’ so I prepared myself emotionally and physically to get a much-needed dose of Christian guilt for our shitty tithing these past few months. And I mean it’s been truly, truly abysmal.

Except of course Our Michael went and turned it into something about the way we are stewards of time, relationships, the earth, hope and other areas ASIDE from money. Things that I ALSO suck at and had not yet prepared to harden my heart against hearing! A pastor’s trickery!

The good news is that there is redemption, and while reading some scripture (in those peaceful, quiet moments while Molly has jammed a fistful of Cheerios in her mouth) I remembered that I don’t have to tackle it all at once. I can concentrate on what little I have been entrusted with and what I am doing with it in manageable bite-sized chunks.

Seth received a completely different impression of the same sermon, and we spent the afternoon discussing the various ways we, as a Christian society, benefit from the greed we so detest.

Pharmaceuticals and Roombas serving as exhibits A and B, of course. Not much is  created for philanthropy these days. Should we thank God for the more fruitful motivators of money and ass?

I don’t know what it is about this month, but I’m watching a lot of people wrestle with “writing.” I mean, they are really taking the time necessary to perfect their craft. I hate saying I am good at things, but I am very good at writing. However, I work at it only  as I go through the motions. Between bites of Cheerios. Sometimes on Wednesdays. Usually while I’m also watching TV. 

Some people say what I do is non-fiction, and therefore it doesn’t count. But show me something fictional that you’ve written, and if it hasn’t happened to you or someone you’ve watched, it probably isn’t very good to read at all, now is it?

What I’m saying is that there is no such thing as fiction writing. 

I could be much better. I could be the LeBron James of writing with a controversial two-hour series finale and everything, but that’s just another bullet point on the items of things I am squandering. (My huge salary, the 24 hours I’ve been alloted every day and the earth are included on this list!)

Also, I have to watch a man die at the hand of the state on Tuesday, which will probably send my little mind into overdrive about the futility of life, death.

Enjoy your breakfasts. Try to focus on one bite at a time.

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