Are those my jeans???? Did you TAKE MY JEANS!??

Look at that baby's bone structure!

I’ll post pictures soon, but just so you know, they found four heart chambers, two arms, two legs, a nice spine, an impressively symmetrical face and MORE LADYPARTS!


My first thought: Well, good. We’re kind of set up for that.

My second: Oh, no. Sisters!

I am intimately aware of what it’s like to have a sister who is very close in age. All I can say is that our love is almost as strong as my left hook. ALMOST!

We were best of buds and then ultra competitive and now, I think, after nearly 30 years on the planet together, we are finally settling into a rhythm.

It's a sister~!

I just hope they are both equal levels of cute. Otherwise, the older, scrawnier one will have to spend most of her middle school/high school years trying to shatter the confidence of the younger, blonder, one so that she won’t be able to steal any of her boyfriends. It won’t work.

Not that this scenario has ever unfolded in the past or anything.

I am lying on my bed and Amanda is racing toward me with all the hate in the world in her eyes. Just as she lunges at me, I kick out my legs to send her right on over the bed and onto the floor. For some reason we are taking pictures of cows in Ashland, Ohio and we fall simultaneously into a hidden ditch. I am looking over at a giant purple balloon head in the hospital bed. I am stealing her crutches. And now I’m crying like a baby at her wedding in June.

Ok. Maybe this sister thing will be all right.


But this younger baby will NEVER, EVER visit Molly in college. NEVER! Oh, and the rabbits? They will NOT have voices.

Now to figure out how to run a farm with a team of puny women…

If Seth needs to chop down a tree or something, he will probably have to call his nephews.

How much does a wedding cost?

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  • Buffy

    Apparently in all his haste, Seth forgot to put the stem on the apple. So does baby #2 have name prospects yet? I am thinking Polly…

  • Mom

    Oh, I will do everything in my power to make sure their rabbits have voices!!! Pay back, baby!

  • Mom

    I still hear those voices in my sleep.