Molly protests baby exploitation at pumpkin patches

I know it’s the stupidest thing evar, but I’ve always been very excited about taking my child to a pumpkin patch.

It’s sort of a required photo op–like the one at the hospital of you and your hubby kissing over the newborn baby–and it was set up to be a perfect, gorgeous day when we finally drove our little bundle of joy out to a picturesque patch somewhere in Amish country.

It turns out that by the time we got there, Molly wasn’t feeling well. She was getting a new tooth, and she cried the entire time.


A magical moment in parenting


In every single picture.


Things got so bad I started taking pictures of other people's kids.

On the way home, we stopped at Gma and Gpa’s house in Ashland, and it just so happens that they had raked a huge pile of leaves in the yard.


Undeterred, we put Molly in the leaves and she screamed like we had just thrown her in hot lava.


Clearly, I need to trade this baby in for a new one. This baby is broken!

It’s funny. You have an idea of what things will be like and then … somehow they turn out differently.

I’m not saying that it’s all bad.

I’m just saying you can’t force the magic. But you can drink hot cider while you try.

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