When Molly learns a new trick or phrase, she goes all-in, repeating herself over and over constantly for weeks on end.

A couple weeks ago, when I dropped some crackers off her high chair, I said, “Uh-oh!” to which she magically replied “Ut! OOOOOOOO!”

Now, everything is ut-oh. Throw your toy on the floor?


Put a leaf in your mouth?


Get your diaper changed?


Please remind me to get this on tape before she finds a new one.

Her latest thing, however, is pointing. She gets that bite-sized index finger up in the air and waves it around at anything and everything. And such a serious look on her face. She’ll whisper something that sounds like “shu-shu,” which we later learned is a Padulaism straight from Michael, so I think we can say she is bilingual.

We all look toward her tiny gesture, but usually there is nothing. Seth tries to explain to Molly that she can’t just go around pointing in the sky willy-nilly.

“When you point at things, people are going to look, and they’ll expect you to say something,” he told her.

UT OOOOOOOOOO! Is pretty much all she had to say to that.

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