Photographic evidence of life

Blogging normally serves as proof of life. And the lack of it is troubling.

But if distant memory serves me correctly, I spent a weekend traveling backward in time, first hanging out with college friends, and then with high school friends, and finally back home on Sunny Drive in Washington Court House, Ohio.

First Up: Cincinnati's finest

All I remember about this is walking into the Red’s stadium, and hearing four sections of the home team simultaneously light up, shouting, “Music Mae! MUSIC MAE!!!!!” There were children wriggling in their seats like we had stumbled into some sort of Backstreet Boys concert. Apparently, our little Mae has become quite the celebrity down in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We can say we knew her when.

(But don’t be alarmed. Her foot-rubbing skills have not been diminished by her wild success.)

I love this person.

Next up: 10-year high school reunion

No photographic evidence here, but trust me. It happened. I cannot believe how much fun I had catching up with my long lost high school buds. To be honest, I thought I was going to hate the awkward conversations, but we all jumped in right were we left off 10 years ago. The crowd as very intimate, so we all sat around the table, each taking a turn to shout out a name. If anyone had information about this person we shared it.*

*If you were not there, we totally talked about you.

One of our grads had become a police officer, and surprisingly, he provided a lot of the updates. Class of 2000 should have had their own reunion in the slammer?

Luke Bihl is still awesome, fyi. And the rumor was that I converted to Amish. This is much better than the rumor that I was on cocaine. Not sure which one is more entertaining, however.

Even sober, I love my hometown.

And finally, we spent some delicious hours hanging with grandma and grandpa T and great grandma Wright. There were aunts and uncles galore. Sunday started at my hometown Methodist Church, were my BFF from high school is associate pastor.  Cap that off with Auntie Amanda’s birthday party and, well,

couldn't have asked for a better weekend

Too many awesome knick knacks to count at great-gma Wrights

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