On being linked by the editor of the city’s metro daily

Hey everybody! Lookit my baby!

I have been told that important people are linking here to theteet.com. Editors of metro daily newspapers, even. At first I wondered why my work was being promoted so prominently by those who, as far as I can tell, would not put me on their Christmas card list.

But I’ve been told that the intent is not to LINK LOVE, but to embarrass me. And that most normal people would be embarrassed by half of the things I post here.


That makes more sense.

But before I continue down the path of rebuttal, I must remember another bit of friendly advice I got from one of my wise superiors.

He told me to quit while I’m obviously winning.

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  • JMc

    congrats, Teet! You obviously struck quite a nerve (and you are indeed winning, in a blowout. I’m almost embarrassed for him).

  • Anonymous

    Your honesty and outlook are refreshing in a world where people are affraid to speak the truth and share true feeling and emotions. Now that is embarrassing! You keep rocking it and winning Sista!

  • Brittiny

    Wow! That is a seriously heated blog entry by BM. There were some great comments at the bottom of it; particularly by a poster “Sickening.” You gotta read it. Classic.
    Keep the zingers comming. There are some of us in Columbus that do have a sense of humor.

  • Jen

    You could not have PAID (did you?! LOL) for better reader responses at the bottom! :) LOLOLOL. I’m blushing for him. Yowza.

  • Merlin

    Keep it up. Write without fear!

  • http://theteet.com theteet

    You know, part of me wishes he would erase half those comments because most of them sound like they were written by my mother.

    But a less mature part of me reads them with a hand over my mouth to muffle the giggles.

    I still say that if Mike Curtin were editor, none of this would have ever happened.

  • http://theteet.com theteet

    write without fear. nice :)