So wait. What trimester is this?

There’s something different with This Baby.

With Molly, I pretty much sat around in a quiet house all day reading those minute-by-minute accounts of what was happening inside my womb. “OMG! The baby’s finger nails are 3/4 of the way developed today!” “Can you believe it!? The liver is FINISHED!”

But This Baby, it’s like, wait. How pregnant are we again?

Instead of lounging around reading pregnancy books and YouTubing other people’s 3D ultrasounds, I’m chasing Molly from room to room, pulling foreign objects out of her mouth. Dinner’s boiling over on the stove and there’s a load of laundry re-washing for the third time because I keep forgetting to put it in the dryer.

Part of me feels guilty for not obsessing over every detail of how our lives will change, what the baby’s kick will feel like, how dinner will happen with this new Baby in tow. Instead, every detail of my life has just recently changed, so I am in the mood for folding more of it in.

Another part of me is relieved that a baby can continue to develop in peace without all the navel-gazing. And I mean that quite literally.

I haven’t even taken a photo of my abdomen yet! (For a reference, see GPOYAS, circa 17 weeks or so.)

I should get on that.

Then again, I have a feeling that I’ll be walking along one day soon trying to remember what I’m forgetting and my water will break.

Happy Second Trimester, little wombmonster!

It’s time for the fun stuff to start.

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