Sucker babies!

she is shaping up to be a fantastic blogger

This child has decided that sitting down is for babies. And while we’re at it, so are NAPS!

She is crawling over, pulling up, standing. Plopping down, crawling over, pulling up, standing.

All day long it’s go go go. She literally has been trying to fall asleep standing up so that the excitement won’t end. The attempts usually end with a loud crash, and a few exhausted cries before she gives up. Little monster!

She’s even figured out how to follow us from room to room, and when she catches up with us, the excited squeals that yip from her tiny body convince me that I really really really need to get a video camera. STAT!

She is priceless.

My mom said it’s unusual that Molly never commando crawled. I don’t really know what that is or means, but I know we are in no way babyproofed–nor did we think we would need to before 8 months. When you think about it, though, is there really any point in those plastic outlet cover things when there are hot live wires are dangling from every ceiling?

And what’s the point of keeping the toilet lid locked when she could just take a good ol’ fashioned tumble-down into the basement if she takes one or two healthy steps to the right?

We don’t even have a dishwasher, so her antibodies are already through the roof.

Amiright? Amiright?

Just kidding mom!

Not really but kind of!

Anyway… Ready, Set, GO!

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