7 months and change.

Sure, all people eventually learn to walk and talk and read and drive with a buzz, but this is my baby, people. I made her. So Listen Up!

Whirlwind of changes for my baby girl.

Comfest was kind of a blur. Baby's first contact high!

In other potentially IQ-damaging news, we had the First Big Drop on the Head.

I’m very relieved that first one is over.

There was some … miscommunication as to who was watching her while she was rolling around on the bed. And then eventually, off the bed.

I didn’t hear or see it, but Seth brought me a crocodile-teared baby who was not nearly as traumatized as her mother would be in 3 seconds. She started laughing soon after. I assume that’s because the she landed on the crying part of her brain and will never be able to accurately express pain again. Disturbing!

After weeks of awkwardly resting on that little arm of hers, she finally got the ab strength to pull herself all the way up into a sitting position. No sooner did that happen than she started pulling herself up on her knees — and halfway out of her sleeper.

Which reminds me … we should probably just skip the crib and go straight to toddler bed by now, right? She sleeps in the equivalent of a pack n play. Does anybody know why this isn’t okay?

Here she comes, block!

She cut her first tooth yesterday, and watching her attempt to crawl is beyond hilarious. She is sort of stuck in reverse, but she is a determined little bugger. I think it will be bizarre for strangers to watch this 2-and-a-half-foot tall creature walk in a few short months. That is, assuming she grows half a foot by then.


She begs for pickles and she gets whats she wants and she can’t even move yet.


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