one half of one year old

Note to future Teet: You wrote this on June 1, 2010 at 11:41 p.m., but you published it much, much later.

Every morning we wake up to one of two sounds: There’s either a KA-CHUNK KA-CHUNK KA-CHUNK or a PBBBT PBBBBT PBBBBBBBT.

One of these things is Molly slamming her miniature ankles as hard as she can against her mattress over and over again. The other is Molly’s raspberries, which she makes mostly during the hours her eyes are open–that is, when she’s not slamming her tiny ankles on the mattress.

Then there is this face.

I think at six months, the trend for moms, or at least the ones I have watched go before me, is to have one of those freakout moments, like, OMG — WHEN did this thing become a person? and OMG — this child is NOT going to stay tiny forever! When did it start staying awake all day long?!  OMG OMG OMG!

Yeah, I did that.

Two weeks before she turned 6 months, everything started happening for Miss MM. She started rolling … well … with purpose. She started sitting up and babbling and she found her toes and she started trying to hijack my breakfast cereals while they are on the spoon en route to my mouth. And she started squealing … well … with purpose.

Things don’t seem to be an accident anymore.

Plus, the little girl started sleeping with purpose —  10, 11 and 12 hours through the night, and she started letting me know what foods she does and does not care for.  As a result, she is no longer a vegetarian!

I have a feeling that I’ve had it easy. Things are really getting ready to take off, aren’t they?

At half a year on Earth, we checked in at 13 pounds 9 ounces, and 25.5 inches. 10th percentile, baby–although her height is practically in the 25th percentile. The doc is pleased with her development, and the fact that her devil horn has disappeared completely. But not before it cost me $800!

In no way confined by the physical limitations inherent in the 10th percentile: Molly's screams

Rockin’ the pygmy stature like it’s 1999.

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