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‘Possum Street to the core’

Grandma captured this video, and maybe I have been working too long, but I can’t help but wonder how it will shape the narrative when Molly Mae Teter is running for president and some blogger somewhere reposts this video. Molly Mae Teter, … Continue reading

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Somebody is getting lucky tonight.

My husband bought me a robot vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day. He was discerning enough to catch the subtle trail of hints I left him! (Insert footage of me pounding on his chest and threatening divorce if I did not get my … Continue reading

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Homicidal Maniac Alert

It’s kind of like an Amber Alert, only this time, YOU are in danger. And possibly your children. I have sufficiently calmed down enough to tell this story without dramatics. I was almost killed by a homicidal lunatic on Friday. … Continue reading

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