small screen debut

I have no delusions. I am a big dummy. I never have any idea what I’m talking about, and I am about as eloquent and quick on my feet as George W. Bush. But for some reason, people keep giving me opportunities to emphasize this on more prominent platforms.   

First SNP, then The Other Paper, and now poor, poor WOSU. And I keep saying “Yes,” because, well … I’m not completely sure. I mean, you CANNOT turn down the most popular show on television, Columbus on the Record, when it comes calling, can you? It’s not like it’s some lame ass Capitol Square podcast or something. This is the real deal. I mean, for the better part of a year those Sunday morning airings were the main reason I didn’t go to church.   

Clearly, the economy has hit the nerd pool hard, too. They're scraping the barrel.

I wasn’t going to tell anyone because I was very nervous and I feel a little embarrassed about the whole thing.  But I guess I’m over myself. And I don’t want to deprive anyone’s Nightmare COTR panel. I can be a new trading card!   

So here I am, mom. Nerding it up. Go ahead and tell me how great I am. I refuse to watch. And not because I don’t have a television right now. It’s because I’m dark and mysterious like Johnny Depp, who never watches his own movies because, quite frankly, it’s none of my business.  

I’ll be accepting silver screen offers at lyndsey teter (at) gmail (dot) com  

UPDATE: OK, OK. So I summoned the courage to watch the “Off the record” portion of the show.  

FYI, this is COTR host extraordinaire Mike Thompson mouthing the words, “Good job, Lyndsey.”  


OMG! Khalilia!

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  • annabel

    “that’s the double standard when it comes to transportation infrastructure…”
    Delivered with the soundness that it was rehearsed, but yet the delicacy that you’ve just formulated this opinion we all must hear.
    I kid, but you did great. Spit out that humble pie!

  • theteet


  • Rogue Agent

    You did a fantastic job! I like the squinting of the eyes and slight head movement when you were making a thought provoking comment. Also you came across more genuine than the rest…I could go on and on here but, more importantly….did they let you keep the coffee mug?