Internet SoS

how long until molly can do chores?

I need your advice.

I am kind of breathing heavy and looking at two of the four loads of laundry I’ve done in the last couple hours, and I have decided that my back has had enough. Am I too young to stop doing chores because my back hurts? Maybe.

Anyway, this weekend was another FAIL.

Here’s the thing. I am a messy slob. Seth is, too, and this has always led to a pattern of put-off-cleaning, put-off-cleaning, clean-clean-clean, put-off-cleaning, put-off-cleaning, clean-clean-clean and so on.


Now is new. A new era of responsibility.

By the time we get home and the baby unpacked, its 6:30 at best, but probably 7. And by the time we feed baby and ourselves, and maybe get a book or, less often, a bath in there, it’s time for bed. And on the road again in the morning. So what you have is a situation where it is Friday and we are all buried in our own filth.

Seth spends most his weekend building a woodshop or getting nagged to build a woodshop, so I try to cram all the cleaning in Saturday and Sunday. But by the time you keep the baby happy and, god forbid, take a moment to rest or take a walk or something, it’s midnight Sunday and NO ONE has swept the stairs and there are STILL dead bugs on all the window sills.

I mean, I feel like cleaning the pile of dead ladybugs off the window/floors should be a chore that gets top priority. But that’s not reality.

I’m looking for advice as to how best to proceed. Will I just get better at this? Will we just get faster at everything we do? It has happened with packing the babe up to leave the house, but I feel like I’m never going to get faster at washing dishes.

(Thanks, Obama, for refusing to buy me a new dishwasher, by the way. One of your Democrats will perish (and by perish I mean NOT get a vote from me) because of this slight.)

(I seriously do get a little mad at the president every time I do dishes.)

I know only one other couple with a similar situation where both parents work full-time and there is a new baby. They are in the same situation, i.e., basically living in fear that someone will want to come over to visit on a Friday.

I feel like it, or life, can only get busier as we progress, and I’m worried.

Should I force myself to do stuff during the week? Leave work earlier? Get up earlier?

Does anyone have any advice? Are there any crannies or nooks that I am overlooking?

How do you do it? Are you paying someone else to do it for you?

Will you come here and show me?

Thank you, Internet.

ps - Is this part of the solution?

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  • elizabeth

    You need that sexy Brawny paper towel man and Mr. Clean to save you. And a dishwasher. And masseuse. And a laundress too. Hang in there.

  • Grace

    Linds- we feel the same way. It’s normal. But, I promise it gets a little easier… I think we get better at doing two things at once, or three things, or 4… I think there’s a reason lots of kids get their picture taken INSIDE the laundry basket at some point, hah! Also, you may benefit from one of those jumper seats with a circular top filled with toys, they also help :)

  • Grace

    what i meant to say (in English) is EXERSAUCER.

  • Erica

    I guess I will admit my dirty secret. I pay someone to clean my house twice a month. She takes care of stuff like piles of dead bugs and scrubbing the shower so I just do touch ups/dishes/laundry throughout the week. Best money I ever spent!

  • Dennis

    Well, you could move back to civilization, and that’ll save you like six hours a day.

  • Rebecca

    We could come and watch Molly at your house one day (once or twice a month) and you’ll come home to a clean house and dinner on the table. That would be fun. ;) I know, we really have a boring life.

  • Kate

    I discovered that three year old boys love to dust, dig holes, and do the dishes but only for three minute increments. . .doesn’t help much!

  • Becky

    We bought a “Roomba” from IROBOT. It cleans our floor (in the great room) every night and then we empty the dirt trap of dog hair and food particles and stuff like that every night before bed. Basically I feel cleaner because our floor is swept daily, but we’re really struggling to load and unload the dishwasher and every time I see the laundry pile I think “Who wears all those clothes?” I understand the plight, I just think of it as God’s way of helping me get over my “people pleasing” since visitors are no longer guaranteed a “clean” public space.