We never got the lambs we were talking about.

Our homestead is suffering. I haven’t shot at any critters in MONTHS. We don’t have TV, but still, there is no time. For anything. Can you explain this?

In both cases, I blame work. It’s a busy time. Plus, we are both super famous and important. I would talk more but I need to go take this very important after-regular-business-hours phone call on my cellular telephone …

ps – My daughter is rolling around and “talking” and eating meals and becoming a regular person now.

pss – Have I mentioned that I have a baby?

pss- Also, she does not have cancer.

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  • Jaydubs

    So, what’s the verdict, then? Is she part unicorn?

  • theteet

    the diagnosis is: Devil Horn!

    aka a Dermoid cyst. it’s already going away, of course!