This is spring.

Please bear with me.

I came into the living room earlier this evening, and Seth had Molly propped up in her car seat while he was picking away at the guitar, singing Handsome Molly of all things, and she was grinning and laughing back at him. And it was more than 70 degrees and those red flowers that I don’t know the name of are blooming in the front yard and God Bless America it was all almost too much for my tiny heart to handle.

I have never been so damned happy in all my life.

It’s unnatural. Please bear with me.

I love my job (!) and I love that three days of the work week end with a quick ten-minute visit with the Padulas, and I love that seven of the seven days begin with a smiling baby who is just sort of laying there cooing in her bed waiting on her mama to pick her up and feed her.

It’s like a damn Disney movie around here. I swear that I would not be surprised if a bluebird brought me a robe and slippies when I get out of the shower tomorrow. It’s ridiculous.

I am thankful to God for this happy season of life. And for the sad parts, too, because spring is never as rare a treat without the long, cold winter.

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  • Pamela Willis


    I loved this post! And Molly is
    so beautiful, and too pretty to
    be called either a monkey or a moose!
    Your happy day made me smile
    and made my night a lot happier.
    take care,