The Moose

Don't mess with the Moose.

“The Moose” is our daughter’s unfortunate nickname. Everything that has a nickname in our house is Seth’s fault.

I’m not sure how, but he is the reason we call Maybel “Boobles.” He has a way of drawing out annoying things that stick for a lifetime.

It started because Molly sort of looks like a monkey, which prompted Monkey Mae instead of Molly Mae. And then he changed it to Monkey Moose because … well … it is the name of two animals, both starting with “m.” And then we shortened Monkey Moose to Moose, and now Moosey.

This is not a very flattering nickname for a young lady.

We tried to change it several times, but it just stuck.

And it kind of works out because Seth used to play in a band with this bald guy named Moose, if I remember correctly. I think he wore leather pants a lot.

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