On violating Kelly’s mom

A spoon full of food allergies: That dribble on Molly's chin is not just ordinary rice cereal.

I had to break the news to the pediatrician today that Molly has been SUPPLEMENTING.

Although I missed the monthly “you are the BEST MOM IN THE HISTORY” pep talk, he took it well, and quickly began explaining the changes I might see in her bowel movements before I could explain that wait! It was because of surgery and not for lack of will or effort! I understand the benefits of breastfeeding and am striving to provide them for my child! Maybe I will write him a letter later on in the week.

Let me talk a minute about Kellymom.

Kellymom.com is/has been very helpful to me throughout the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding. That bookmark is well-worn. Kelly’s mom, whoever that is, is very chill about breastfeeding regardless of your circumstance. Have the flu? Go ahead and breastfeed. It’s actually the best thing for your baby. Recently been pumped full of narcotics? Have a go at the breast! You baby will thrive!

But the authors of this website are no so relaxed when it comes to feeding baby anything other than the precious white gold.

In other news, please take a second to feel an enormous amount of guilt because you are killing your baby.

If you have patriotically chosen to breastfeed and are NOT killing your baby, congratulations. You have reached the 4-month mark and it is time to consider starting solid foods.

My pediatrician is refreshingly not uptight. About anything. Maybe it’s because he graduated from med school in Mexico the 70s? Anway, after Molly’s shots today he was all “Sure! Cereals and fruits this month. Veggies next month. Go for it, mama!”

But Kellymom, once my trusted source for self-validation and the platform from which I judged care-free formula moms, disagrees. Vocally.

Anything other than breast milk in the first 6 months will destroy your baby from the inside out. Seriously, tho? Momscicles? Can’t knock it till I try it, I guess. And my baby isn’t even 13 pounds yet, as recommended by the AAP when it comes to starting solids.

But between this and Internetting all Molly’s 4-month vaccines, I think I am finished with researching things. Forever. Let the chips fall, if you will. Stop being so uptight, everybody.

The next time someone at church tells me that letting my baby stand will cause her legs to bow or something, I’m not going to run to Google anymore. If it doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t.

All “information” does is present more self-doubt, fear, confusion and startling statistics. And most of the time, I’ve been right anyway. Which is crazy. I’m never right. But when it comes to my baby, I know what’s best. Just by feeling. You think I’m being snarky right now, but I’m not. Isn’t that a crazy thing to say?! Who has confidence enough to say they just feel what is right for their baby? At least without double-checking on the Internet first. But it’s true. I, like, know stuff.

her intestines SEEM ready

I think my baby is ready to eat cereals. And the hoginess with which she is eating them is beginning to prove mama’s wisdom. Unless this early introduction is somehow leading to instant death, which I’m sure is probably the case. Somehow.

So, for all those other mama’s out there knee-deep in research (OMG! APPLES BEFORE VEGGIES?! SHE’LL NEVER EAT HER SPINACH IF YOU DO IT IN THAT ORDER!!!!)  here’s the bold verdict from the Teter homestead: We’ll continue the cereals, and we’ll add in another round for breakfast, assuming that Mr. and Mrs. Manny are on board, and we’ll give her a fruit of some sort this weekend once she has recovered from her shots to see what happens. Three cheers for Pears Week!

The funniest part is that the whole time I thought I was feeding Molly rice cereal, she was really eating Oatmeal. Turns out reading skills are necessary both on and offline. Also, I think Seth has been feeding her bacon.

I feel like in the long run, these are probably the decisions that don’t matter.

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  • mandy

    Ugh! That article!

    I nearly cried when I read it last night at work. Thanks, authors. I was just starting to feel OK with what I had to do.

  • http://ellaventures.blogspot.com Lyndsey

    @Mandy…you gotta to what you gotta do…my mom told me hundreds of times at least your baby got the most important part…the colostrum and a few weeks of breastmilk. I sooo dearly wanted to beastfeed but I got sick and was unable to breastfeed. Go with your gut you know your baby better than anyone.

  • theteet

    hehe … Lyndsey Fellers. We have the same name.

    I just keep reminding myself that the article is aimed at women who, like, don’t want to breastfeed because they hear it makes their boobs saggy or something. Not to disparage those of us who did everything but set ourselves on fire in order to increase our milk supply for the little ones.

    I agree that more support is needed in general. You really have to seek out help and know where to look for support in this country!