Remember when we had ideas?

When I’m not thinking about another potential story for work, so much of my thoughts these days are focused on the practical. Time for this so I should pack that and wash this so we can do that when we get here by then.

Sometimes when I read the thoughts of my friends it sounds like a completely foreign language.

I remember I used to burn a lot of mindthoughts analyzing the world around me, always attempting to define my character by sorting out my strengths and weaknesses and those of my crush (!) and the humans I’d come in contact with on a regular basis. I’d think about conflicts here and abroad and I’d try to figure out where I fit in and I had ideas that I’d write down in paper(!) journals. There wasn’t a whole lot of doing, but there was a lot of talking about it and I assumed we could take over the world if we were ever given the chance.

Is it okay to say that I’m glad to be past that stage? Or at least temporarily distracted from it.

I think we call it the 20s. So I am three years ahead.

It’s just so refreshing to think of yourself LAST once in a while.

And I realize that I’m technically journaling thoughts that are squishy at best here now on my website and that it’s probably ironic or something but you know what I mean.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

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