Bad mom!

This beefy bass is taken, ladies.

For the record, yesterday was a BIG DAY for me.

Had my cover story in at 11:58 a.m. Got a FREE Lucky 13 haircut and had my eyebrows waxed for the first time in my life. (I must say, it’s quite nice, although I’m not sure it’s $13 worth of nice.) THEN (just when you thought this story couldn’t get any better!) I spent NEARLY TWO HOURS AND TEN MINUTES in a bar and DRANK 1.5 Guinness — staying out until a whopping TEN THIRTY. That’s right, folks. An hour and a half past my bedtime. I even partooked in the biannual cigarette. I am a wild, wild, woman.
I’d like to thank the Top Heavies for a rip wild roaring show. Just what this new mama needed. :D
Although, recalling that half glass of wasted Guinness produces a rumbling somewhere deep in my soul. It’s probably just the OU version of theteet rolling over in her grave.

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