I know, I know.

You might be getting sick of these “I have the best babysitter in the world,” stories.

But seriously.

I have the best babysitters in the whole wide world.

Lookit what fun they had today!

Molly Mae Teter born and raised in Bangs, Ohio: Future CEO?


Rebecca has been welcomed into a community of Knox County Amish, and so she has scored the sweet hook-up for modest clothing. This could not tickle her father more, as Seth has already declared that Molly Mae will shop only from this store from now on.

Her uncle will be happy to know that I will refuse to let Molly grow “never-cut” hair. We don’t want people in Wal-Mart knowing she’s a Christian until she tells them herself :D

And this!


Best babysitters ever. Believe it.

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