Did my cervix just get more votes than Ken Blackwell?

This is probably going to make at least one person grimace, but if you get upset, just remind yourself that AT LEAST YOU ARE NOT LACTATING FROM AN OPEN WOUND. Perspective, people. And relax. Two-thirds of the world’s population can’t even access the Internet, remember?

As far as I can tell, something like 1 million people come here to look at this old post every day.

At first I was nervous that I’d upset some snowed-in OCD political operative out there, but then I started looking at my blog’s Google search references (the things people type into Google that lead them to theteet.com, fyi) and it looks like cervix is kicking the pants off Ken Blackwell.

Why are so many seeking cervix information? Or so few seeking KB?

These are the questions that will never have answers.

Search Views
cervix 1,109
cervix pictures 175
the teet 58
theteet 49
megan pringle engaged 33
facebook is the devil 32
megan pringle hot 27
ben marrison 21
megan pringle 21
theteet.com 16
where is my cervix 13
where is my cervix located 10
cervix picture 10
monique ming laven 9
tila tequila 8
benjamin marrison 7
what is cervix 7
what does a cervix look like 7
gilly hicks soundtrack 6
lyndsey teter 6
images of cervix 5
nancy kerrigan 5
steter 5
picture of cervix 5
define:cervix 4
ken blackwell 4
anthony rothman 4
kenneth blackwell 4
pictures of cervix 4
gimdos kaklelis 4
stick with me kid quote 4
long cervix 4
lindsey teter 4
cervix images 4
how do i find my cervix 4
“megan pringle” hot 4
photo of cervix 3
bible jokes 3
dilated cervix 3
my 25 things 3
gold plated handcuffs

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  • Megan

    Who are the idiots spelling your name wrong?!