a list of things that shampoo could never possibly do to your hair

I have been subjected to a LOT more daytime television than normal. I leave it on for the Kardashians and for the background noise, so occasionally I will endure a shampoo commercial or two. I am worried that women are being told their shampoo can do things to their hair that are impossible.

Here are some things that shampoo can not possible do to your hair:

1.) energize it

2.) inspire

3.) exhilarate

4.) rejuvenate

5.) invigorate

6.) elate

7.) console

8.) embolden

9.) restore

10.) fortify

Mostly, your shampoo can just WASH your hair. It can also CLEANSE it. When it comes to shampoo, these are pretty much the only verbs that are possible.

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