happy 2009, everybody!

My new boss is angry

Tonight, Molly Mae and I will refuse to acknowledge the start of a new year.

A New Year means that we are one step closer to The End of Maternity Leave, and one step closer to leaving this little bundle for something much less rewarding than blogging.

I’m kidding!

I’m not kidding.

Before I had this baby, aka BIHTB, here is what I thought would happen during the eight weeks of maternity leave:

1.) I would start out high on happiness, but I would slowly feel more and more isolated and a bit stir crazy out here in the hinterlands.

2.) I would grow tired of changing diapers and feeding a child all day with no adult interaction.

3.) I would feel guilty about secretly looking forward to going back to work to deal with matters of consequence., like the NEWS!

The new boss takes frequent naps, leaving plenty of time for office mischief

Here is what has happened instead:

1.) I feel like I couldn’t possibly ever get bored because I am so busy that I barely have time to take a shower.

2.) Nothing else matters.

Changing dirty diapers, for some reason, seems like the most important job in the universe. The only way to make a difference in the world. Priority No. 1.

Isn’t that weird?

No wonder our species has been so successful. When people become parents, they become lunatics. They are clinically insane. They WANT to take care of their babies and they CARE INTENSELY about their children, no matter how mundane the task might seem to outsiders.


So, this news will come as great relief to my larger, slightly older boss, the one who will take over Feb. 1, who now knows (either because he’s keeping up with theteet.com, or because some rapscallion has sent him the link) (I knew it was you. You broke my heart.) that I care more about the color of my baby’s poop than putting out a good newspaper.

How will this be reconciled? How will we go on?

Well, I think this attitude will help me become more productive.  If I am away from my baby for one second, I am going to make sure that second counts for something. No more long lunches. Cause then maybe if I get all my stories done I can leave 10 minutes early?!

No? I’m pushing it?

Ok, fine.

In the meantime, I’ll just bank on the notion that Seth will somehow double his salary in the next four weeks and this whole “earning a living” thing will not be an issue for me.

Until then, Molly Mae and I are digging in our heels. 2009 can live on forever!

I can’t imagine how much more stressed I would be if MM weren’t going to while away her daytime hours with the coolest Manny in all the world.

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