My daughter’s life

The first two weeks of it are represented by a scant two blog posts.

This is unacceptable.

I did not raise her that way.

My laptop bit the big one just as I was looking up directions to Molly’s pediatrician on Tuesday, and just AFTER I downloaded some photos into the brand new Molly folder. Not optimal timing. We found our way to the doctor — eventually, and we also found out that Molly is healthy, but she’s a runt.

I flashed back to elementary school when the doctor expressed that, saaaaay, she is not a large person, as if that is something that needs to be said all of the time.

Get used to it, little girl. They used to tell my grandmother that they wouldn’t let her into  high school because she was too short. They called me Pygmy in junior high. And with these new car seat rules, Molly is on track to be in a booster seat through her sophomore year. People will move her without asking her permission first.

Jaydubs knows what I’m talking about.

She’s in the 25th percentile for both her height and the roundness of her head, and she’s in the 10th percentile for weight. She was two ounces below her birth weight last week, which apparently is not ideal. Both of us are eating a ton and doing virtually nothing, and we’re both wasting away. This breastfeeding diet is wonderful for me. We bought a scale to keep track of the little gal’s heft, and every time I step on it, I am less heavy. But if all that stored fat isn’t going into Molly, then … where is it going?!

The doctor was REALLY excited that we are breastfeeding and he said he won’t get concerned until he weighs her next week. Here’s to hoping she’s well past 6 lbs. 2 oz!

Whenever I hang up some of her 3-month clothes, (she swims in newborn stuff, fyi) I get really anxious and stressed because I feel like there’s no way I’ll be able to produce enough food to EVER get her THAT BIG!

Boobs are stressful.

I need to sleep.

My back hurts.

We found FLEAS on Maybel.

But everything is pacified when I smell baby’s head. It’s like crack.

This blog is a bit of a shotgun blast, no?

Anyway, we have the hubby’s laptop for the weekend while a Good Samaritan takes a look at mine to see if anything can be recovered. There is a special reward in heaven for this Samaritan.

Stay tuned for scattered thoughts and Photo Overload.

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  • crankin

    i think that she might be perfect. however, i will send some pounds and ounces your way, just to be on the safe side.

  • mandy

    Aww, I’m sure you are doing a great job and that she is perfectly fine. I’ve never been through anything as stressful and doubt-filled as breastfeeding, so you’re not alone there.

    At least she sounds proportionate. Dodgeroo’s head is also in the 25th percentile, and has been since he was born. But his length has been in the 90-97th percentile, so he has a teeny little peanut head for his string-bean body.

  • Rogue Agent

    Molly will get bigger don’t worry. Homemade ice cream – that’s the ticket – an adult version of breast milk – mega calories. It’s never too early to start them on ice cream!
    I know someone who can get that computer to sing – even if it’s dead. If the nice guy can’t make any headway – send me a line.

  • JMc

    I miss that baby’s-head smell. One of the absolute joys of parenthood. Wes, by the qway, was in about those same percentiles (except head circumference, which was off the chart — go figure) and he really seems about even with all the other first-graders now. Really, no big thing.

  • Jaydubs

    Guess your dream of having a child who can reach things on the top shelves will have to be deferred, but on the bright side, plane travel will be so much more pleasant for her than if she’d inherited Seth’s height. ;)