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a peanut M&M (copyright Mae Klinger Phrases, 2009-2019)

We did not have a good check-up. First of all, Molly lost three ounces in two weeks and is back under 7 pounds. I am starting to lose confidence in the scales at the pediatrician’s office. There are, like, 20 … Continue reading

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happy 2009, everybody!

Tonight, Molly Mae and I will refuse to acknowledge the start of a new year. A New Year means that we are one step closer to The End of Maternity Leave, and one step closer to leaving this little bundle … Continue reading

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Life is … well, you get the idea.

We are packing for our third of four Christmas celebrations, and my meatloaf is thawing in the microwave, so I have 8 minutes to get this down but I think it’s important. Last night I was looking at pictures of … Continue reading

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today’s search terms

I hope they found what they were looking for: underwater+drainage+pipes megan pringle engaged ben marrison where is my cervix

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Please, God, let her have thunder thighs

In case you were wondering, I haven’t really done much other than obsess over my baby’s medically non-worrisome lack of weight gain since I last posted here. After a trip to the pediatrician today, I’m happy to report that M&M … Continue reading

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My daughter’s life

The first two weeks of it are represented by a scant two blog posts. This is unacceptable. I did not raise her that way. My laptop bit the big one just as I was looking up directions to Molly’s pediatrician … Continue reading

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Reports from the nest

They tell me that it’s Wednesday, and that it’s afternoon time. Molly and Seth are cuddling on the bed, and Maybel is now sleeping on the floor. (That’s right — Maybel a.k.a. “Big Sis” practically almost volunteered to sleep on … Continue reading

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