Have you ever heard of a dry sink?

There was a moment in our marriage where an unnamed party was surfing Craigslist, and DEMANDING to spend $200-$300 for a crappy piece of composite furniture on which to place the baby’s changing apparatus and diapering supplies.

This person was irrational, screaming things like, “I’m tired of WAITING!!!! Can’t you just let me BUY SOMETHING and DO IT THE EASY WAY FOR ONCE IN MY MISERABLE LIFE?!?!”

Seeing the delicate state of the party, the marriage partner spent $50 on supplies and built the insane person a thing called a dry sink in two days.

This new nursery addition is made from real wood and unlike a “changing dresser,” will not need to be put on Craiglist or burned in a fire once the baby is potty trained.

Look how my little cubes of baby crap fit perfectly on the shelves!! And the changing pad snuggles in there juuuust riiiight:

I am sooooo going to paint this thing and shove it full of Pampers when I'm done here.

The doors for the dry sink are downstairs waiting on their h-hinges.

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  • Jaydubs

    Accessing every media platform possible to wish you much happiness with your new family member. Looking forward to meeting Miss Molly. :D