Forget everything you know about our septic tank and sewer lines

Jesus Christ may or may not have been recently praised. I’ll never tell.

Brad Stafford, Knox County’s premiere … uhh … plumber, fixed our sewage-backing-up-into-the-basement situation without digging up our entire yard or charging us thousands of dollars. He didn’t even get dirty.

Best of all, Seth and I will never have to finish the conversation we began about how deep a trench he could dig on his own without the sides caving in on him, leaving Molly Mae without a father figure in her life. God bless that do-it-yourself spirit of his. Bless it and then curse it. I’m not sure which.

The problem had something to do with gravel.

I do not understand it. I do not care to understand it.

I’m just happy that the situation is fixed. I mean, once again.

In other news, this only reinforces my plan to push our daughter into a trade. You cannot charge $100 per hour for your skillz as a journalist.

Three cheers for Home Ownership!

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  • Andrew

    On Sophie’s first birthday (the party that is) our sewage line backed up. Nothing like a house full of guests and the inability to offer them use of your toilet. We had the emergency plumber out which turns out is often the kid with no senority when the emergency happens on the Saturday of an OSU evening football game. He spent several hours trying to get through the blockage before telling us it must be a collapsed line.

    While I investigated all of our options (aka ~$15k to trench and replace the line vs spending about $1k doing it myself and risking my life) we had the city come out with their fancy video camera and, thankfully, they told us it was just a really bad blockage and not a collapsed line. Tree roots.

    So, at the end of it all I think it was about $600 for about 5 hours of routing. Good times, good times.

    Glad to hear you got it all sorted without trenching as well. Looking forward to reading about how great it is to have your baby in your arms – I remember how forever those last couple weeks before Sophie was born took.

    Best wishes!