GPOYAS: Professional Edition.

fyi, I have the best preacher’s wife EVER!

My dear friend Rebecca Padula (of Maybel: A Pig in Motion fame) spent some time Saturday with my gross, naked orb of a body, and she transformed it into something much more beautiful than it really is. “Demi Moore and Vanity Fair ain’t got nothin’ on us,” is basically the conclusion I have come to.

Check it:

You know that part on the yoga tape where they tell you to imagine yourself giving birth in an ethereal forest? This is what they mean.

She is so super talented that I think you should run out and get pregnant IMMEDIATELY just to have her wrap you in pretty fabrics and take your picture.

At a time in a woman’s life when she a.) has to be large, b.) has to be naked, and c.) cannot drink (my gawd!) it takes a special person to make mama-to-be feel comfortable in front of a camera. Rebecca made me feel totally relaxed, and she also turned the heat way up so that I wasn’t  chilly even though she was probably really hot.

look at that!

Looking at this photo was the first time I think I really saw myself as a mother. You cannot deny that there's totally a baby in there. And when it comes out, I might gaze upon it like that. Is this weird?

Rebecca took these photos LIKE TWO MINUTES AGO, but turned them around in time to frame some of them for the shower that the ladies’ at my church threw this evening. Again, with the blessings all around me.

There are some more risqué shots up on her site. Like, almost nipple. You know me. I’m not exactly bashful about my human form or anyone else’s for that matter. But I don’t want to embarrass anybody else, so I’ll sneak a link to your inbox. In the meantime, here are two more PG-13s for good measure:

This is what I imagine my face will look like just as the baby's head is crowning


Here is where you can find her online. Now get a bottle of wine and go make a baby for heaven’s sake.

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  • Rogue Agent

    Very artistic! Think what she could do with a nice woodland camo pattern…

  • Marci


  • mandy

    Gorgeous! I want to see the rest of them too.