Don’t forget

Nine years ago today, on a Sunday morning just outside Athens, my sister, her friend, my college roommate and I probably should’ve died in a very terrible car accident.

Instead, we all were put back together again with a bunch of metal plates, rods and screws. Our driver, whose last name I’ve forgotten, suffered a broken nose and a large sack of guilt. I hope he’s put that down by now.  I’m pretty sure I heard he is a commercial pilot.

I hope the Lord does not regret the additional years he gave us.

What are you doing with your borrowed time?


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  • Steve

    you don’t remember his name?!

    how could you forget? or are you just protecting the innocent-ish.

    anyways…glad you made it. what a scary day.

  • Rogue Agent

    And what about the OSHP Trooper with the “professional” bedside manner? I bet your Dad remembers…