Our baby has a head!

My regular doctor was out with the flu, so I snuck in a free 6-minute pelvic exam with her partner this afternoon. It was the first pants-off visit of my pregnancy. Can you believe we’re there already?!

Looks like little Tot is snuggling into exit position with her head down (Yay! No breech-related C-section!) and her heart rate and my belly measurements were “perfect.” I’m pretty sure they’re paid to tell you that so that you feel better about your womb somehow.

He made me a little nervous when he said I was thinning “rather quickly” for being 36 weeks, but that my cervix was nice and closed. (Why, thank you!)

I asked if I was going to have a baby any time soon and he said, “I’d pack a bag if you haven’t already.”

No. I have NOT packed a bag. We are SO NOT THERE YET.

But you can be “effaced” or whatever they call it for several weeks before popping. I’m going to laugh at this sense of urgency when tot is 6 weeks late.

Anyway, I was driving home when I realized: The doctor felt my baby’s head.

My baby has a head!

There’s a real-life person in there!

And she’s coming OUT soon to live like a person with a head lives!

Pregnancy is one mindfreak after another.

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  • crankin7

    i am sorry that i must ask, but when are you due?

    i have to write this on my calender.

    it is important.

  • http://pencilsfromheaven.blogspot.com lmarie

    Oh my! bag packin’ time already? That’s just nutso.

  • Marci

    that’s exciting news : )

  • jaydubs

    I’m so happy for you and your head-having progeny. You and Seth are gonna be terrific at this whole parenting thing.

  • http://monsterbeard.tumblr.com Monsterbeard

    More of a mindfreak than the entire process of childbirth is the fact that a dude was complimenting your cervix and feeling your baby’s head THROUGH YOUR VAGINA!

    OB/GYN. I just don’t get it.