Tot Two’s working title

We are pretty much stuck on the name Molly.

We’ve tried other names, but we just keep coming back to M-O-L-L-Y. We love the sound of it. It is simple, timeless and kind of old-fashioned. Like us!

Plus, Teter is a hard name to match, especially for a girl. Pretty much any name that ends in T is out, because then it sounds like ” ___-eater.” So are names that Ts can be added to make a word. Like the name Ann. Think about it.

I want to remain flexible, because I’ve heard stories about families who have had other names picked out, but when the baby came out, the euphoria-induced mom announced, “This baby is named TAMMY!” or something random, and I want to leave our options open.


We’re totally naming our baby Molly.

Now, the question is — do we want to go Full Hillbilly? Well, do I want to go there? Seth has already made up his mind.

The middle name we have chosen is Mae. We love the name Mae. Not only is everyone named Mae good people, but it’s a very pretty sound. We named our dog Maybel. (Why did we waste such a good name on that creature?!) Plus, we are trying to freak Mae Klingler out as much as possible by naming everyone in our family after her. No wonder she moved to Basically Kentucky, Ohio.

Seth will be calling our daughter Molly Mae, as in State Fiddle Champion Molly Mae Teter.  He says that Molly Mae will be her first name and she will have no middle name. Semantics.

I haven’t decided whether I’ll use her first and middle name, or whether it will be a cute thing we all let her father do. Molly Teter from Bangs, Ohio, will have enough rural stereotypes to overcome. Can Molly Mae from Bangs, Ohio ever become a powerful corporate CEO?  Surely not.

I mean, it’s kind of ironic. And cutesy. I don’t see her becoming a successful Wall Street broker with that name, but maybe it will help her cast a spell on those around her. Look how far this ridiculous “teet” handle has taken me. Teet = pure charm! And anyway, we are going to encourage trades among all our children. No one told us about trades until it was way too late. Now we’re writers.  We serve no purpose. And we’re poor.

Molly Mae Refrigeration Repair.

She’ll be a millionaire.

The only snag is that it sounds like Molly Maid, which is a cleaning company here in Ohio. The good news is that she’ll have a guaranteed Halloween costume that she can easily turn “slutty” in college. This is important.

I used my brain calculator, err, I mean, I Googled Molly Mae to see other ways it is being used.

Here are some of the results:

Molly Mae: Ridiculous dog

Molly Mae Turner: Accepted as a postulant with the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration based in Mishawaka, Ind.

Molly Mae Turner: Accepted as a postulant with the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration based in Mishawaka, Ind.

Molly Mae: Baby

Molly Mae: Baby

Molly Mae: Explosive Detection and Tracking Dog

Molly Mae: Explosive Detection and Tracking Dog

Mollie May: Another ridiculous dog.

Mollie May: Another ridiculous dog.

Molly Mae: 1924 baby

Molly Mae: Baby circa 1924. Now we're getting somewhere.

Molly-Mae: Facebook prostitute? (note to self: NO HYPHEN!)

Molly-Mae: Facebook prostitute? (note to self: NO HYPHEN!)

Molly Mae: Deceased daughter of a hot air balloon pilot. Er.....

Molly Mae: Deceased daughter of a hot air balloon pilot. Er.....

What do you think, friends and loved ones? Have we taken Rural too far?

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  • Marci

    oooh, I love it!!

  • Mae

    Greatest. Middle. Name. Ever. And a darn cute first name, too.

    The more you try to freak me out, the better my legacy gets! And I think you should name your next child/dog/loved one Klingler.

  • Lisa

    Lin and I love little Molly Mae already. I have to agree with you, though. I’d stick with Mae as a middle name and let Seth call her what he will.

  • Jaydubs

    +1 to what Lisa said. Also, you need to get her a knit cap like Molly Mae: Baby. Sooo cute.

  • rachelmccoy

    Love both of these names!! And you’re right: with the middle name Mae, she’s destined to be a darn good human.

    Nobody ever knew a bitch named Mae. Doesn’t work that way. :)

    And by bitch I meant mean-spirited female and not female dog.

  • mandy

    I love it! I like Molly so much I’m considering stealing it for my own future daughter.

  • mom of a molly

    As the mom of a little Molly, I must tell you that it really is a great girl name. My husband and I also went back and forth but kept going back to Molly. We are happy with the name and our Molly is a real peach!

  • jessm

    i think it is fabulous! and if she does become a corporate executive, it will be awesome if she has to tell people she is Molly Mae Teeter from Bangs, Ohio and she grew up on a farm. Let’s just hope for green energy corporate executive and not Monsanto or some disgusting agri-business

  • jessm

    and i must tell you i am relieved to hear the names Molly and Mae. here some common female names that i will basically type out phoentically for you include: Miranka, Schnayjzana, Blagitza, Limonka, Doucheka (yeah like douche with a ka), and Doucheitsa (yeah like douche with an itsa) [the boy version of those two is doucheko]

  • Megan

    I am also supportive of both Molly and Mae (or May) for all of the reasons listed above. My one and only concern is that … Mae Teter almost sounds like “Mate Eater” and as someone with a somewhat humorous last name, I can tell you it probably won’t be that big of a deal.
    Also, to keep the focus on myself some more, my parents have used the nickname Maggie May for me all of my life and I always thought it was kind of a cute two syllables and then one syllable alliterative name.
    So to sum, I am interesting and important and yes, go with it, especially if you already love it!

  • Rogue Agent

    Well . . . after we teach her to shoot firearms – it won’t matter. She’ll get the respect. Also, “Mae” is already on the Johnson side. It’s a nice fit.
    I say “lock and load” on the name.